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Hey all you tankers log into tank rewards while your updating and enroll in the tank academy, watch the videos 

When you complete the basic training youll get an M-22 premium tank yea the tank sucks but thats another garge slot

When you complete officers training (its unavailable at this time) you will get 3 free pemium days

When you complete the elite traing (also unavailable as of now) you will get 5 personal reserves

Even if i was a ship guy i would do this just to get the free premium time

Scouts Out!!!!

Arty Up!!!

Donk XO

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Hanging out at Universal Studios Orlando.
Happy Father's Day!
Any idea whats up with the TS server?
Taters gonna tate
Why are there so many tater tots!
Woot I got a free tank! WG seriously needs to do that for ships!
Play and get a win = Free Stuff [link]
nm I found it KVAX
TS server PW?
Thank ya'll, got it back now.
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