Application Process

First off thank you for considering us here at -AK- Armored Knights for your World of Tanks, Warships, or Warplanes clan needs. Our process is fairly straightforward and easy. Given below are the steps that will be taken along the road to membership.

The following steps have to happen; not necessarily in this order, for your consideration as a member.

Step 1. Register on our website.

Step 2. Fill out an Application.

Step 3. Join us on our Discord server.

Step 4. Join our members in game.

During the application process you will be observed by all current -AK- members whether in-game with you or just listening on Discord. Your actions and behavior should be based on our Code of Conduct because that is how we will measure your ability to fit in here. So make sure you read them and understand what is expected of you. Members will make comments on your application based on your behavior in game and on Discord. Your tank/ship/plane tier level and your skill level has no bearing on your application as we have no tier level or efficiency requirements.

This process can take as little as a few days or even a week or more. That timeframe is based entirely on how often you are on our Discord server and playing with our members. The average time is about a week from start to finish. If you are unsure of, or would just like an update on your progress during the course of this trial period just ask.

Please speak to a member on our Discord server if there are any questions regarding this process.

See you in-game.

-AK- Hammer
Commanding Officer
Armored Knights