Armored Knights New Member Guide

Welcome to Armored Knights. This document will provide you a brief overview of the clan goals, expectations, structure, and activities.

Our primary goal is to provide an environment free from drama where adults can come together and enjoy the game and to support the desires of the members as they change and/or grow. This does mean we don't have a permanent goal, our goal or push will change as the game and our members desires change. We support this model by setting up a foundation for growth, improvement and various game modes that the members elect to take part in. That is to say that we will support and work on any aspect of the game that members want to take on. For example, if our members wish to take on CW then AK will position themselves for it and support that. In it's most basic form our clan goal is whatever it needs to be to support the desires of it's members. Ultimately our clan goal is to support our members in whatever aspect of the game(s) that they wish to participate in.

Armored Knights exists as a Wargaming brand clan who wishes to make the game more enjoyable for the clan members. We strive to maintain a fun, drama-free environment where members can play together. To support this, the clan expects members will be active and adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct
You will have been introduced to the -AK- Code of Conduct during your application process. The three main principles in the code of conduct are:
• Be mature
• Be respectful
• Be on Discord
These principles define the environment that -AK- members want to play in. Your application to Armored Knights was approved because the clan membership felt you would be a good fit for this environment. Please help us preserve it.

The Code of Conduct is available as a link on the GOVERNING DOCUMENTS page.

Conflict of Interest
Due to the fact that -AK- is present in many games. We do not wish to create or be confronted with a conflict of interest. As such, AK members will be required to join the AK respective clan for the various games if one is available or if that game has a game mode which could conflict with AK interests. This is the reason why all applicants much acknowledge this fact on the application when they first apply to join AK.

-AK- players are expected to be active in game, on Discord, and in the forums. Your clan, company, and platoon leaders regularly monitor game participation, and if too long a period goes by without activity, you will be contacted to see if you are still interested in playing and being part of -AK-. Continued inactivity will lead to dismissal from the clan.

Real life happens. If you need a break or know that you will be unable to log in to the game for a period of time, please let leadership know.

Armored Knights is organized into Companies and Platoons. This structure helps ensure a personal relationship between clan leadership and clan members.

Each Company consists of a Company Commander (CC), and First Sergeant (1SG), and three platoons. Each Platoon has a Platoon Leader (PL), and Executive Officer (XO), and 5 platoon members. As of June, 2013, Armored Knights is authorized for four companies.

Clan leadership is a Commanding Officer, and Executive Officer, and a Command Sergeant Major (CSM).

All leadership positions are on a voluntary basis and all members are eligible for these positions. If you think you have what it takes and would like to be a part of shaping the future of -AK- then let your chain of command know that you are interested in advancement.

The current structure of the clan can be viewed at

Chain of Command
In general, you should handle “official business” with the level of leadership immediately above your position. Platoon members should work through their XOs and COs. Platoon XOs and COs should work through their Company CCs and CSMs. CCs and CSMs will work with clan leadership. These guidelines help keep the workload for each level of leadership manageable.

The Chain of Command applies to personal or unit specific communications. General discussions can, and should, be conducted through the forums on the clan website. The Chain of Command does not apply for forum discussions.

The Armored Knights website located at is an important information resource for all clan members. The site contains three main areas:
1. Public Information including the home page, recruiting ad, governing documents, application process, membership application, and public forms.
2. Clan Information including a list of knights, organization charts, awards information, hall of fame, hall of heroes, and hall of records.
3. Private forums with one forum for each company, a clan forum, a screenshots section, and an events calendar.

The website also supports private messaging and the clan application process. You will need to log in to the website to see the private information or access the messaging and application areas.

Members are encouraged to explore the website and the forums.

Private Forums
The private forums on the website are the primary means for conducting clan business. They are viewable only by current Armored Knights members. The tabs in this section are:
1. Alpha Company, Bravo Company, Charlie Company, Delta Company- These are private forums specific to each company. The content of these forums is visible only to company members and to clan leadership. Within each forum there are platoon specific topics where the content is visible only to members of the platoon (and Company/Clan leadership). These forums are used for conducting company and platoon business.
2. Clan Forum- The main private forum for all clan members. Clan announcements and information on clan activities will be posted here.
3. ScreenShots- This section of the website is a gallery where members can post screen shots for validating having met the requirements for clan awards (see below) or just for showing off in-game screenshots.
4. Events- A calendar for scheduling clan events.

The messaging system in the website can be used to send private messages to other clan members. Messaging can be accessed by mousing over your user name in the upper right corner of the screen or using the message button (blue square with a white envelope) that is present in the lower right corner of the website window. When you have messages waiting, a small circle with the number of messages will appear next to the button.

New member applications are managed through the website. The applications section of the site is accessed by mousing over your user name in the upper right corner of the screen or using the applications button (yellow square with a head and shoulders outline) that is present in the lower right corner of the website window. After running with prospective members (see section on Recruits), please leave your comments on their application. New activity in the applications section is indicated by a small circle showing the number of new posts next to the applications button.

Discord is Armored Knights' tool for in game communications. Clan members should be logged into Discord whenever active in the game. Unless running in a quiet environment, the use of push-to-talk is strongly recommended.

Armored Knights have set up several channels for use within Discord. The main channels most players will be concerned with are:
1. -AK- Ready Room – For security reasons everyone logging into the -AK- Discord server is initially placed in this room. Authorized members will be able to move themselves to other channels by clicking on them. Recruits will need to be dragged from the Ready Room to any other channel.
2. World of Tanks/Warplanes War Room – This is the place to meet and greet, assemble platoons, and conduct general discussion. Recruits may be dragged to this room.
3. Platoon/Division Rooms – While many players like to run their platoon out of the war room, it can be a bit noisy at busy times. These platoon rooms provide a quieter space for running platoons. Recruits may be dragged to these rooms.
4. Company/Fleet Rooms – Rooms for company meetings and company group tanking. Recruits should not be dragged into these rooms.
5. COMPANY BATTLES – Room provided for combat communications during company battles.
6. Clan Wars – For use during Clan Wars battles. The sub-rooms are for managing communications when multiple battles are occurring simultaneously.

Armored Knights incurs expenses for its website, prizes, and awards. If you can afford a few extra dollars to help support these expenses, please consider donating to the clan. Donations can be made using PayPal through the Donations box in the lower right part of the Armored Knights home page. A donation in any amount qualifies you for the Clan Supporter ribbon.

As a new member of Armored Knights you undoubtedly have some familiarity with the clan's evaluation process for recruits. By spending time getting to know potential new members, the clan maintains a comfortable environment for its members and significantly reduces member turnover. Now that you are a clan member, you are expected to become part of the evaluation process.

Your responsibilities in evaluating potential new members are simple:
1. Watch for applicants in the -AK- Ready Room. As described above, non-members will need your help to get into any of the active Discord channels. When you see a non-member appear in the ready room, please take a moment to move up and great them. If this is their first visit, please give them a quick overview of the application process (see below). If they are interested in joining Armored Knights, drag them down to the War Room so they can run with the clan members.
2. Platoon with prospective recruits. The most important part of the Armored Knights evaluation process is to spend time in game with recruits. Are they fun to play with? Do they work well in a team? Do they handle themselves in a manner consistent with the -AK- Code of Conduct?
3. Leave feedback on their application. Whether you were actively in the platoon with a recruit, or just listening while they ran with others, you have probably formed an opinion on how well you think they will fit in. Please go to the applications area and add your thoughts to their application. The more information your clan leadership has, the better decisions they can make.

New Applicant Briefing
First time visitors to the -AK- Discord server should be given an overview of the application process. The key points to cover are:
1. Armored Knights is not an auto-approve clan. We ask people interested in joining the clan to play with us for a couple of weeks so we can get a feel for how they play and how they interact with the existing clan membership. This is also the applicant's chance to evaluate us and see if we are the kind of people they want to run with.
2. The Code of Conduct. If the applicant hasn't read it already, they should before going any further. Adherence to the clan code of conduct will be part of their evaluation.
3. The Application. All prospective members must fill out the application form on the website. If they haven't done it already, they should do it now.
4. Process and timing. We want applicants to have the chance to run with several current members. Depending on how often they are online, this typically takes a couple of weeks.

Team Battles
Armored Knights offers many opportunities to fight as part of a team. Whether your goal is to just have a few mates you can count on or to go head to head with other top teams, the opportunity is there.

Players that want to platoon need only log in to the War Room on Discord and ask. Most of the time a platoon spot will be found quickly, and even if not you can “count in” with other players.

Company Battles
Armored Knights generally runs Company Battles on Friday nights at 9pm. If there is sufficient interest, more than one battle team can run at a time.

Currently the clan usually participates in medium tank company battles, though other levels can be run if there is sufficient interest. The company battle point system typically results in teams of around ten players. If more clan members are present than can fit on a team, a rotation system will be used to ensure everyone gets playing time.

Clan Wars
As of June, 2013, Armored Knights is not a daily clan wars clan. We have many members that have participated in CW at many levels and -AK- has been involved in some clan wars activities. We are planning on putting together a CW effort once we have sufficient interest and participation.

Competitive Team
Several -AK- members have expressed interest in participating in tournaments and other WOT games on a more competitive nature, therefore the clan is currently forming a competitive team.

After Action Reports (AAR)
In order to keep improving, team battles will be followed by an After Action Report. This is an interactive session where the battle participants discuss what can be learned from the recent battle. Appropriate topics include what the team did well, areas for future improvement, and what (in general) can be learned from the battle to make -AK- better. The AAR will be led by the battle commander, and is meant to be conducted in a spirit of constructive criticism. Please contribute to the continuing increase in our team battle skills.

Team Training
Armored Knights is interested in the continuing improvement of its players and its Company Battle performance. The clan offers regular training sessions where members can learn things such as coordinated movement, combined attacks, using terrain to cover movement, etc. Currently these sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 9pm Eastern time, and are planned to be less than an hour in duration. If there is sufficient interest, a Company Battle will be run after the training session. Please be ready to enter the training room promptly at the start time.

Participation in Team Training exercises may be a prerequisite for or give preferential seeding in clan team activities.

Please check the Clan Event Calendar for changes in Team Training schedules.

Armored Knights believes in recognizing the contributions and achievements of its members. Those who defend their country in real life are saluted in the clan's Hall of Heroes (see below). In-game achievements are documented in the clan's Hall of Records, which can be viewed at

Hall of Heroes
The Armored Knights hold those who have served their country in the highest regard. If you have served with the armed forces, please contact Hammer (or any clan leader) to have your name added to the Hall of Heroes. To view the Hall of Heroes, go to

Hall of Fame
Did you just earn an amazing amount of XP in a game? Or a bountiful bucket load of credits? If so, perhaps your score will qualify for the -AK- Hall of Fame. Making the list isn't easy, but if you do, your name will be recorded along with the Clan's best of the best. To view the current Hall of Fame scores, visit

If you attain a score that qualifies you for the Hall of Fame, submit your information as described below in the section titled Award Submission Process.

Clan Awards
The clan has several awards for in game accomplishments, participation in clan activities, and support of the organization. The complete list of awards can be viewed at

To qualify for the in-game achievement awards, you will need to document your accomplishments. See Award Submission Process, below.

Award Submission Process
In game accomplishments are documented using screen shots. At the completion of the battle, use the ctrl-PrtSc key to take shots of Personal Score, Team Score, and Detailed Report tabs of the Battle Results window. These should be uploaded to the Screen Shots area of the web site and a message sent to your platoon leadership about your accomplishment.