Requirements to Join -AK-

-AK- Hammer, C.O. ADMINC.O.SENIOR STAFF posted Aug 5, 14

Ensure that you are able to fulfill these requirements before you go any further with the application. If you are not willing or able then please speak to a clan representative before continuing.

All applicants/members are required to fulfill the following:
1. Age: 18+. This is non-negotiable except for family members of current Knights.
2. Discord: All applicants and members will be on Discord using mic/headset while in-game. The clan that communicates together wins together!
3. Activity: All members will be active during the week. In order for a clan to grow and improve it must be active.
If you, the applicant, are not able or willing to fulfill these requirements then there is no need to continue. If you would like to discuss these requirements then please join us on Discord and we will be glad to clarify any point or answer any questions you may have.
Thank you for your consideration.
-AK- Hammer