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-AK- Armored Knights

            We are a clan that was started by a group of friends who have been playing since the BETA and prefer a fun, mature environment not the whiny teen-age drama scene. Our vision is one of creating a CLAN that is based on friendship, camaraderie, fair play and respect for others; win or lose. As we continue to grow, we strive to adhere to this founding vision. Most of us are military (active, prior or retired) so military members are most welcome!

     We employ a military type structure within the CLAN for ease of daily operations. As such we continually have need of persons with the ability and desire to hold OFFICER positions. Anyone who is interested hit me up in-game or drop in on TeamSpeak and say hey.

     We currently have 3 Divisions within -AK- to support any game environment or play style. Individual Division Information is available on our website.

These Divisions are:

-AK-: 1st Division, Requirements based. 
-AK2-: 2nd Division, Requirements based.
-AKGC-: Casual Division. For those players that want the clan feel and camaraderie but may not be able to sustain our requirements.

Each member regardless of division is a KNIGHT and is accorded all rights and responsibilities that the title holds.

General Requirements to become an Armored Knight:

• 18 years or older. (Exceptions only made for family members)
• Have a mic/headset and be able to use Teamspeak 3 (TS): This is a requirement. We like to talk to the players that wish to join. So make sure you get on our TeamSpeak server say hey and run some games with us.

• No EFF requirements: Having a high EFF doesn't make you a better tanker, having clan-mates to platoon with and run tactics with does.
• No minimum number of battles required: We were all beginners at one time.

What we offer our Armored Knights:

• A mature and fun gaming environment: No whiners and no drama.
• Platoon/Company: Members are on 24/7 and available to platoon.
• Website: A website and forums for clan discussion and information.
• TeamSpeak 3 server: We use it for tactical comms, meetings and talking trash to each other!
 Clan Structure: We have a Company/Platoon structure and a clear Chain of Command for ease of daily CLAN operations.
 Leadership Positions: As -AK- grows, Leadership positions will need to be filled. Those who show the aptitude and desire will be given the opportunity to advance within the clan leadership structure. For AK, rank does not have its privileges. Those in leadership position are here to serve the clan and its needs.

TeamSpeak Info:

  • IP Address:
  • Password: kvax


Members to contact in game:

  • Dave (C.O.) In-game: AK_Hammer(-AK-)
  • Don (X.O.) In-game: Donkasarus(-AK-)

Any clan member with the tags: -AK-, -AK2- or AKGC

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions please let us know.

-AK- Hammer
Commanding Officer
Armored Knights