Armored Knights Clan Requirements

As the Armored Knights grow we have evolved into a multi-faceted organization. To include many different games and environments. Which ever game you play, everyone here is an Armored Knight; and as such will be treated accordingly.

-AK-/-AKN- and all affiliated divisions.

1. Discord: All Knights will be logged onto our DISCORD server while in-game. DISCORD is what allows a clan to maintain it's camaraderie and of course tactical comms during the game.

2. Game Activity: Must be active in-game every week. This is self explanatory. The number of games or time is related to the game in which you join AK through. Rest assured this number equates to about 4 games a week. A clan can't grow or improve if its members aren't on and playing the game.

1. Competitive environment: Company/Platoon environment designed to maximize learning, grinding and teamwork.
2. Clan Wars: If our player base wishes to participate we do.
3. Clan Events: Multiple clan events usually supported by GOLD/GIFT SHOP prizes and/or Clan ribbons.

1. Age: You must be 18+ for membership. There are and have been exceptions although these are very few and far between. In order to discuss exceptions please see AK_Hammer.

All Knights regardless of the assigned division are responsible for the Code of Conduct and will be held accountable to same.